The SubSonex TwinJet UAS is a concept designed by Sonex Aerospace, based on our very successful manned, single-engine SubSonex Personal Jet. The current SubSonex uses a single PBS TJ100 turbojet engine de-rated to 250 lbf thrust to achieve 300 hour engine inspection intervals and is capable of top speeds approaching 300 mph. The SubSonex Personal Jet is rated for +6G and -3G load factors and tours the country performing in professional aerobatic airshows with both daytime and night pyrotechnic acts. Several customer-built SubSonex Personal Jets are already flying as recreational aircraft, with several more currently under construction.


As a UAS, SubSonex will be converted easily to a twin engine platform using the full-power version of the PBS TJ100, capable of 292 lbf thrust with a 100 hour inspection interval. The platform is intended for low-altitude, high speed insertion into denied airspace, radar acquisition training missions, and with its’ all-metal construction SubSonex TwinJet UAS is well-suited to maritime target UAV applications with fewer of the haz-mat considerations inherent with composite airframes.

SubSonex TwinJet UAS Key Features:

  • High Speed: Top speeds of approximately Mach 0.5 (approx. 355+ mph)
  • Low Stall Speed: Vso 58 mph
  • Fuel efficient Single-Engine Cruise and Loiter capability
  • Fully Retractable Landing Gear
  • May be adapted for Rail Launch
  • Automatic Takeoff and Landing (ATOL) Capability
  • Removable wing panels for trailer transport
  • Simple, low-cost all-metal blind rivet construction for fast, cost-effective production, simple field repair and reduced environmental impact in target UAV applications.
  • PBS TJ100 engine features fully-integrated systems and FADEC control with automated start and shut-down/cool-down sequence, integrated oil system and starter/generator.

In its manned configuration, the SubSonex is stressed for +6/-3G, and is capable of aerobatic flight with enough power for vertical maneuvers and level flight speeds up-to 300 mph using a single engine de-rated to produce 250 lbf thrust.




  • Span: 18’
  • Length: 16’ 6”
  • Wing Area: 60 sq ft
  • Empty Weight: 534 lbs
  • MTOW: 1100+ lbs
  • Useful Load: 566+ lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 70 U.S. Gal
  • Stall Speed: ~ 50.5 KCAS (58 mph)
  • Top Speed: ~ Mach 0.5 (355+ mph)
  • Max Range (single engine taxi & cruise): ~ 500 SM
  • Load Factor: +4.4 G, -2.2 G
  • CG Range: 20-32% MAC
  • Primary Structure: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Engines (2): PBS TJ100
  • Max Thrust (max. 5 min.): 292 lbf per engine
  • Total Max Thrust: 584 lbf
  • Thrust to Weight Ratio: 1: 1.88
  • Electric Power Output: 750 W per engine
  • Spec. Fuel Consumption @ max. thrust: ≤ 1.0983 lb/lbf/hr per engine
  • Engine Max Operating Altitude: 32,800 ft
  • Engine Max Starting Altitude: 26,000 ft
  • Engine Max Operating Speed: Mach 0.8
  • Engine Max Startup Speed: Mach 0.6
  • Engine Inspection Interval: 100 hrs (300 hrs with 250 lbf engine)
  • Takeoff / Landing Distance: 1200 / 2500 ft
  • Gear Configuration: Tri-Gear, Retractable

Specifications & Performance subject to change without notice

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