In January of 2015, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation began a collaboration with experimental aircraft manufacturer Sonex Aircraft, teaming-up to create what would eventually become known as Teros: a highly versatile and economical UAS in the Group 4 classification, the largest fixed-wing UAS platform produced by NASC to-date. With knowledge of Sonex’s 40+ year heritage in the experimental aircraft marketplace, NASC first became interested in the Moni Motorglider, a 1980’s design by Sonex founder John Monnett. Investigation of the Moni led the NASC team to the larger Xenos Motorglider design, and a synergy was born.


The Dream Team:
With flight proven expertise in the design and construction of highly-efficient, strong and light weight airframes offering tremendous performance, Sonex Aircraft capabilities illustrated by products like Moni, Xenos, SubSonex and others provide tremendous opportunity to compliment the capabilities of Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation. With NASC’s proven expertise in Unmanned Aircraft Systems via over 100,000 UAS flight hours supporting the United States Department of Defense, Navmar has the electronic command and control systems, payload experience, flight crew and support systems to combine with Sonex Aircraft’s design strengths to develop and implement the next generation of innovative UAV platforms and systems.

Xenos Motorglider
Teros Group 4 UAS
Xenos Motorglider: Genesis of Teros Group 4 UAS Platform
Moni Motorglider
Tigershark Block 4
Moni Motorglider: Genesis of TigerShark Block 4
SubSonex Personal Jet
SubSonex Twinjet UAS
SubSonex Personal Jet: Genesis of SubSonex TwinJet UAS

Introducing Sonex Aerospace:
Sonex believes so strongly in the value and potential of its collaboration with NASC, that a new dedicated product line has been created to serve the UAS market: Sonex Aerospace. Sonex Aerospace focuses all the expertise of 40+ years experience into one client, with one goal.

NASC Mobile Ops
NASC UAS Mobile Operations Center

A Renaissance In Metal:
In an era where composite structures are assumed superior, Sonex Aerospace provides simple and elegant airframes with traditional aluminum monocoque construction. Using primarily 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and stainless steel blind rivets, Sonex structures are light weight, incredibly strong, highly corrosion-resistant, have nearly limitless airframe life spans, are cost efficient and quick to manufacture, and are easy to inspect and maintain in the field.


Real Aircraft, Not Concepts:
All of the new UAS platforms being developed by Sonex Aerospace are derived from real aircraft, all of which have thousands of hours of real flight time to their credit, all with valuable human payloads having originated as manned systems, all engineered and operated to aerobatic load limits and offering outstanding performance and economy. Unlike so many new designs in this industry, what you see here are not concepts. They are Real Aircraft.

Sonex Aerospace Designs:

Teros Group 4 UAS
Tigershark Block 4
SubSonex Twinjet UAS